What is High Intensity Interval Training- HIIT- and why it's legit?

HIIT combines intervals of low-intensity exercise with intervals of very high-intensity exercise. You spend far less time exercising, yet get superior fat loss and muscle building results!

Is The Cold Really Worth It?

Many of you may have seen news stories of your favourite sports star taking ice baths after a gruelling competition or workout and thought that this may be something you could use to maximise your own gym results. Well, now there is good evidence that turning your lips turn blue using these techniques could actually yield better results! Curious to find out how? Then read on...



Boost Your Muscle Gains With Scott Herman's Genetic Workout System!

As we launch our partner series, Scott Herman has designed an 8 week genetically tailored muscle-building plan, exclusively for FitnessGenes customers.


MCT1 is a key gene is the removal of Lactic Acid and in offsetting muscular fatigue. In this blog post, FitnessGenes Sport Scientist Geraldine Campbell details the role of MCT in removing lactic acid and explains the key difference between the 3 genotypes.


From the FitnessGenes training team, Paul Rose explains why knowing your optimal tempo might be the key to achieving your fitness goal.


In her latest science post, Dr Pleuni Hooijman continues from last week's CKM gene release by explaining the 3 energy systems at work during exercise: the Phosphagen System, Glycolysis and Oxidative Phosphorylation. So when is each energy system utalized? And what are their benefits and limitations? Read more to discover the science behind energy production.


Fitness expert and YouTube star Scott Herman writes his first guest blog post for FitnessGenes, as he discusses his own personal results, and how he's used them to fine tune his training. How do you and Scott compare? Read more to find out!

Oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is an essential body function, but too much can onset disease states such as obesity and diabetes. So what is oxidative stress, and how can we maintain healthy levels? Sport Scientist Geraldine Campbell answers these questions and more in the latest blog from the FitnessGenes science team.


As much as 47% of the variation between individual's VO2 Max can be attributed to genetics. So which genes influence your capacity, and how can you improve your maximum uptake? Dr Pleuni Hooijman explains the science in her latest blog post.

A Simple Method To Smash Your Fitness Goals

Are you struggling to accomplish those fitness targets you set at the beginning of the year? Discover how using one simple method when setting your fitness goals can help improve your overall performance and results.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Knowing Your Genetics Can Make The Hardest Exercises Easy!

I've been in exactly the same position as you. There'll be someone in the gym doing a really great looking exercise such as a pull up. They're graceful, controlled, smooth...but the fact is that however good they look, you know full well that the exercise is as hard as nails. Well guess what? The answer to making exercises like pull ups easy, lies in your genetics! Now I'm not saying that your genetics make you good at pull ups, but I am saying that understanding your genetics can enable you to workout to be great at pull ups!


The barbell squat is often hailed as the king of resistance exercises. But to master it takes time, and too frequently people run before they can walk which results in slow progress and even injury. If you are looking to improve your squat technique whilst building strength, or want to add some variety to your leg workouts, take a read of our training team's Goblet Squat 101.

Foam Rolling….and Genetics?

Is the secret to preventing and curing muscle soreness predetermined by your genes? If you work out or train with friends, you will have noticed that some people ‘naturally’ seem to recover more quickly (or slowly) from exercise. There are obviously training and fitness related reasons for this, but at least 50% of the difference is genetic. Read on to learn about the 4 genes that impact recovery capacity from a workout.


Back problems stopping you from deadlifting? Or are you looking to increase speed for your sport? Paul Rose highlights the physiological benefits of kettlebell swings, and breaks down the proper technique in his latest blog post.

Ice Baths: Aiding Recovery or Limiting Performance?

During this past month, you may have frequently seen Olympic athletes submerged in icy water between events. Cold Water Immersion Therapy, as it is known, is intended to decrease inflammation and accelerate recovery. But could this actually be limiting performance? FitnessGenes research Tyler Breedlove explains when these subzero temperatures should be used, and when they should be avoided.

The Physiology of Movement

As we exercise, in our bodies many physiological process take place to respond to the conditions that we are putting it under. But why does our breathing get heavier, or our heart rate increase? Dr Pleuni Hooijman breaks down the science behind physical movement, and how energy is created to keep us going.

How meditation improves your physical and mental health

Meditation is known to calm the mind and body, but could mindfulness be just the lift you need to achieve your fitness and performance goals?

The Physiology of Recovery

The importance of recovery is often underestimated. This is quite surprising since the results you get from training are mainly determined by how well you allow your body to recover, and not from the training itself.


Are you overlooking the lunge, or simply using it as a warm up to the squat? A key exercise in building functional leg strength and stability, Paul Rose explains why you shouldn't be ignoring the lunge, and how to perform it correctly.


One of the easiest ways to evaluate your training progress is to simply look in the mirror. But what about the muscles that you can't see? We explain the physiology and function behind our hidden muscles, starting with the diaphragm.

Does Your DNA Give You A Running Start?

Despite the colder weather for many of us, lots of people will be lacing up their running shoes this month in a bid to reverse the effects of the holidays. But what makes running one of the most effective exercises for weight loss and overall wellness? And which genes influence how much you will benefit from it?

Top 5 Body Weight Exercises by IronMac Andy McKenzie

IronMac is the training name of top strength and conditioning coach Andy McKenzie, the founder of Combined Strength. Andy’s expertise is founded on his impressive military background, his broad experience as an elite S&C coach, and his outstanding performance as an athlete in his own right. I recently asked Andy what his top 5 bodyweight based exercises are.

RAMP up your warm up

Whilst you may want to dive straight into your workout when you arrive at the gym, it's essential that you warm up properly first. But this doesn't just mean hitting the treadmill for a five minutes followed by a few static stretches. Discover how applying the RAMP principle to your warm can enhance your performance, and boost your results.

How Alcohol May Be Limiting Your Progress

For many of us, drinking alcohol is a common activity within our modern lifestyles. But how does it impact your body following exercise? The FitnessGenes science team investigates the affect a few post-workout drinks can have on your recovery, muscle growth, and testosterone levels.

Core Stability: What’s All The Fuss About?

Core stability is a very hot topic amongst coaches and trainers. There are even dedicated core training areas for it in fitness centres. But what is core stability, and is it really that important?

Ladies, don't let these 4 myths stop you from weight training!

Weightlifting will make me look like Popeye! Fat is only burned at the treadmill. Women should train on Venus, men on Mars. And after menopause you shouldn’t lift weights. FitnessGenes’ coach Paul Rose busts these 4 common female-fitness-myths.

Resistance band training


Don’t just sit at your desk, get out and runch. Your head, your body, and your boss will thank you for it!

Mind-muscle connection: lift with your head

Can we harness brainpower to get big and strong? Learn how the mind-muscle connection will help you get more out of your time in the gym.

5 race-week tips from our pro-level triathlete

5 race-week training and nutrition tips for a successful triathlon from our pro-level athlete and PhD sports scientist.

Bilateral Vs. Unilateral Training

What do we mean by bilateral and unilateral training, and what are the advantages of each?

Shaping Your Triceps

Add definition and shape to your triceps with these three simple yet effective exercises.

FitnessGenes scientist's pro-level Ironman debut

FitnessGenes scientist Pleuni Hooijman Ph.D. describes her pro level racing debut at the Ironman triathlon in Frankfurt, Germany, July 2017

Bodybuilding vs powerlifting vs Olympic lifting

What's the difference between bodybuilding, powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting and which is the best workout for me?

The benefits of exercise on brain function and mental health

Exercise improves mood, enhances memory, focus, improves sleep quality, eases anxiety/stress, and may have protective effects against Alzheimer’s and age-related cognitive decline

Excuses for not exercising?

Here's several helpful practical tips on how to incorporate exercise into your daily life so you can enjoy the resulting physical and mental health benefits

Excuses for not exercising? Part 2

Which is the best yoga style for your goals?

Yoga for fitness. Yoga for wellbeing. Yoga for improved sleep. Yoga for improved mood. Find out which style is best for your goals with this helpful guide

Glute bridge

The glutes are the largest muscle group in your body. We’ll show you the right way to do a glute bridge to keep your butt looking great and your back on track

What is hypertrophy?

Whether your interest is muscle size, strength, or performance; weight loss, protecting your joints or healthy aging, you need to understand muscle hypertrophy.

Running economy

Improving your running economy means using less oxygen running at a given speed, enabling you to run harder for longer. We explain how you can improve

Air pollution and exercise: Is it safe to train outside?

Is it safe to exercise outdoors in polluted areas? Or do the benefits of exercise outweigh any negative health impact of breathing polluted air? FitnessGenes examines the evidence.

How your menstrual cycle can impact your training and fitness

The mental, metabolic, and hormonal fluctuations that occur throughout the menstrual cycle can greatly impact training and sporting performance. We advise on the best type of exercise for each phase of the cycle.

Green exercise-the hidden power of your local park

Exercising isn’t just about improving your physical health; your mental well-being is just as important , so utilize the natural environment around you and take your activity outside.

Tips for safe and effective shoulder training

FitnessGenes guides you through safe and effective exercises to keep your shoulders strong, safe, and mobile

HIIT-ing middle age

If you're middle aged and have led a sedentary life, taking up exercise now will still lead to a more efficient cardiovascular system and lower the risk of poor heart health. A recent study suggests that the inclusion of HIIT is the key to gaining these benefits

The Top 5 Fitness Trends of 2018

HIIT, group training and wearables are all predicted to be the most popular fitness trends over the coming year. Strength training, both with and without equipment, is also set to trend, according to a worldwide survey of the health and fitness industry.

A Quick and Simple Test To Assess Your Health

Performance on the Sitting Rising Test has been shown to correlate with risk of falling, lower body muscular strength and all-cause mortality risk

How muscle memory makes you stronger

When your favorite sportsperson suffers an injury setback, they always say they'll come back stronger. Turns out, they're right. FitnessGenes explains how resuming exercise after a break does make you stronger!

Coaching tips to improve your clean

Step by step written and video instructions to correctly perform a clean

10 pre-race tips for a successful marathon

It's the last minute details that can often make or break your marathon experience. Here's 10 tips for managing the lead-up to the race so you arrive at the start line raring to go

Getting started with cycling

If you enjoy your time on the bike, your physical and mental health will most certainly benefit. Here are our top 10 tips to help beginners or casual cyclists be comfortable, happy and get started in the right way

Why I ride

Cycling is often the quickest way around town; it’s environmentally friendly, it gives me a greater appreciation of my surroundings and, of course, it’s a great a form of aerobic exercise

What do adrenaline, family time, commuting, and nature have in common?

As a boy, a bike was my means of independence, transportation, and fun. Now I'm building bikes for my own kids as well as racing against my Strava segment times on my daily commute

How yoga helps you de-stress

The science behind the zen: How yoga reduces stress and benefits your body and mind

What is my lactate threshold?

Lactate threshold is crucial in endurance exercise and should not be neglected in training programs. Some of us are lucky and have gene variants favoring a high lactate threshold, those who are not "genetically gifted" can still train to improve the lactate threshold and delay the onset of that burning sensation in your muscles

Should I get a standing desk?

Is sitting the new smoking? Research shows the longer you spend sitting, the higher your risk of death from heart disease, stroke, and related conditions. We offer tips on how to improve your workspace and your lifestyle.

Genetics of marathon runners

Elite marathon times are primarily the result of demanding, high-volume training regimes, exacting diets, and top coaching. But, there are also other non-training related factors to consider. We analyze the genetic aspects.

5 mental health benefits of strength training

We all know that exercise improves mood, but can a trip to the weight room offer the same benefits as a run, ride, or a team sports activity? We review the research and explain the mental health benefits of lifting weights

Prepare to fail

Workout and diet plans don't always go as perfectly as expected. We get injured, we get called away for work, we overindulge at a party. By adequately preparing for common pitfalls, changes in circumstances, mistakes, and (perhaps uncharitably dubbed) 'failures', we can learn from, prevent and overcome obstacles in our training.

The Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2019

Every year, the American College of Sports Medicine surveys thousands of experts to garner their opinion on what will be the top upcoming trends in health and fitness. By ‘trend’, we mean a general change in fitness activities that people adopt. This is in stark contrast to a ‘fad,’ which is more of a fashion that is taken up fervently but only for a short time e.g. Shake Weights or 8 Minute Abs. Over 2,000 personal trainers, sports medicine professionals and academics from across the world gave their forecast on the top trends of 2019. Let’s take a look at the top 10.

How do I burn off Thanksgiving dinner?

It’s fine to overindulge on the odd occasion, and what better occasion than Thanksgiving dinner. According to a report by the Calorie Control Council, the average American consumes a gargantuan 3,000 - 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day. But, suppose you want to burn off those calories? Just how much exercise is required?

The SMART guide to New Year's Resolutions

The SMART guide to New Year's Resolutions

Low testosterone risks

Despite being widely recognised as the primary male sex hormone, testosterone is required by both men and women. So what are the health risks associated with low testosterone production?

UCP2 and endurance performance

The latest trait update highlighted that I carry a genetic variant associated with increased expression of uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2), which allows me to target stored fat more effectively for energy production. This had me wondering whether increased UCP2 expression is beneficial for endurance exercise and performance, so I did a bit of investigating.

caffeine and exercise performance

Using caffeine before a workout can help you improve alertness, reaction time, and build muscle. However, how much caffeine you should consume can depend on genes that influence how you respond to it, such as CYP1A2 and ADORA2A. This blog will help you calculate how much caffeine you should take depending on your personal DNA.

Lactate and muscle building

Lactic acid is widely thought of as the wanted product of intense exercise that causes muscle fatigue and soreness. However, could its build-up actually promote greater muscle growth?

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