Finnish Skier Eero Mantyranta and His Favourable Genetics

Our friend David Epstein, author of the awesome book The Sports Gene - What Makes The Perfect Athlete, and award winning senior writer at Sports Illustrated, has just had a fantastic publication with National Geographic centered around the athlete Eero Mäntyranta.

Interested in the potential for super humans? Meet Liam Hoekstra!

This is Liam Hoekstra, who, at 3 years old, is pictured below throwing around 5 Ib dumbbells. In 2009, he was thought to be the world's strongest toddler, but he’s no ordinary child! Liam Hoekstra a young man with Myostatin gene mutations. Read more in this interesting article from Dr. Dan Reardon, the CEO and fouder of Fitnessgenes.

FitnessGenes™ (previously MuscleGenes) in Forbes Magazine - The DNA of Pivot

How a DNA art startup spawned an entirely new company selling gene-based health and wellness assessments to bodybuilders For proof that the path of an entrepreneur is rarely straight, just ask Dr. Samantha Decombel. In three short years, the Oxford-based scientist has gone from working in a lab and lecturing on evolutionary and conservation genetics to launching PlayDNA, a company that turns individuals’ DNA into custom art and home décor. That shift alone would be notable enough for someone trained in a field where academia dominates, but Decombel is hard at work on yet another pivot. This time, body builders are the target. It’s a progression that’s surprising even to Decombel.

FitnessGenes™ (previously MuscleGenes) in Men’s Fitness Magazine December 2013

Have you hit the genetic jackpot? Scientists have discovered the genes that make some people better at sport. So is the potential for Olympic glory lurking in your DNA? MF investigates.

The mysteries of lactose tolerance, the favourable mutation!

Every man and his dog believes they are lactose intolerant, but let’s get to the science! Lactose is a sugar found in milk and dairy produce, and is normally broken down by an enzyme called lactase. Lactase is produced in the lining of the small intestine.

FitnessGenes receives Innovate UK grant funding to combat obesity

FitnessGenes won £228k of Smart scheme funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency (formerly the Technology Strategy Board). FitnessGenes is an Oxfordshire-based research lab producing DNA-based fitness advice that helps people to get into the best shape of their lives through gene-specific diet and exercise recommendations. Prof Jean-Baptiste Cazier, Director of the new Centre for Computational Biology at the University of Birmingham (UK), will be aiding the team with bioinformatics expertise.

Understanding Your Fitness Genetics – By Dr. Stuart Grice

We all want to perform at the peak of our physical ability. Yet for each of us there is a limit to our capacity to perform a particular physical exercise. These limits are set by two main factors: our ENVIRONMENT and our GENETICS.

Adventures in mountain genetics – By Jelena

My name is Jelena, I’m a genetics researcher at Cambridge University, and this summer I’m about to climb Kilimanjaro for the very first time. Now, you wouldn’t think those last two things are related. But as a professional geek, I couldn’t resist researching the health background of the trip before signing up.

FitnessGenes™ CEO Dr Dan Reardon and the Iron Addict, Mike Rashid discussing Mike’s gene results

Check out this fantastic video between FitnessGenes™ CEO Dr. Dan Reardon, and the absolutely phenomenal Mike Rashid. This is an in-depth discussion where they talk about Mike’s MuscleGenes results.

What’s the deal with Myostatin and FitnessGenes™?

As you may be aware, at FitnessGenes™ we constantly update our research and add new genes that we feel will add value to the information we provide. So let’s look at one of the new genes we analyse...


This is a brief video explaining how to take a FitnessGene DNA test.

An introduction to MuscleGenes from Dan Reardon

In this video, I talk you through what MuscleGenes actually is!


Dr Nathan West tells us of the importance of the latest FitnessGenes release, and why some of us should be revising our nutrition in light of this new research.


FitnessGenes Co-Founder Dr Samantha Decombel appears on national TV after her European Commission fight goes viral.


Our in-house research team continues to grow with our latest PhD addition.


In the final gene release of 2015, Dr Ying Zheng gives us an introduction into the endurance related gene VEGFA. Discover what effect each variation of this gene has on training, before heading to the members area to check your own result!

FitnessGenes Launches Affiliate Program

London based Personal Trainer Tom Neal has become the first official FitnessGenes Affiliate, as we launch our partnership program. Read his take on Fitness DNA testing, and why he believes working with FitnessGenes will benefit his clients.


This week's gene release focuses again on responses to aerobic training, and how your AKT1 result can affect your maximum oxygen intake. Sport Scientist Geraldine Campbell introduces this gene, and explains the science behind each variation.


FitnessGenes CEO Dan Reardon made national headlines this New Year by carrying an injured man more than 2 miles to safety whilst out hiking.


FitnessGenes CEO Dr Dan made his US daytime TV debut this week as he appeared alongside 'America's Medical Dream Team' on The Doctors. Whilst the show airs in early February, you can hear exclusively about his experience here!


Your personal creatine kinase activity level can influence which energy system you utilize during exercise, and even how well you respond to different training types. Dr Pleuni Hooijman introduces the gene that regulates creatine kinase activity, and explains how your CKM variation can help indicate whether you are a endurance or power based athlete.


Personalized medicine is seen as the next big step in health and wellness, and a recent “Stuff You Should Know” podcast on the topic prompted us at FitnessGenes to consider the similarities between personalized medicine and personalized exercise. Read our take on the podcast here.

PT-ME join the FitnessGenes Affiliate Program

High Wycombe based personal training service PT-ME have become the latest addition to the FitnessGenes Affiliate Program. Hear how they will be using the FitnessGenes DNA Analysis to improve their service, and how you can join the program too.


Oxfordshire’s premium strength and conditioning facility ‘The Athlete Centre’ have added their name to the FitnessGenes Affiliate Program. The centre, which specialises in CrossFit and Strength training, will be using their client’s results to help them ‘train like a pro’.


Swimming, open water and triathlon coaching specialists Tri Swim Coaching have partnered with FitnessGenes to create personlalised training plans for their athletes. Tri Swim Coaching is run by Annie Oberlin-Harris and partner Ali Hollest.


Tying in with this week’s gene releases, we introduce the variants IGF1 and IGF1_2, which affect the circulating levels of the IGF1 protein. This protein influences muscle growth and strength, but which variations are seen as an athletic advantage?


The second gene in the UCP family to be released by the FitnessGenes science team. Learn all about UCP3 and its traits in this weeks blog. What is the gene's function, and which variation provides an advantage for endurance athletes? Find out before checking your own UCP3 result!


This week’s ‘Gene of the Week’ features the newly released IL6 – a gene for Cytokine Response. The IL6 signalling molecule influences levels of inflammation and recovery rate, but which variation is beneficial for power athletes? Read this week’s blog to discover all the variations of this gene, and their effects on exercise.


Nitric Oxide supplements are widely used in fitness to help blood flow, assist in nutrient delivery and boost athletic performance. But research has shown that your individual NOS3 gene variation can affect how much Nitric Oxide you naturally produce. Discover the differences between the three NOS3 variations and the strategies you can adopt to increase NO production in this week's science blog.

HIF1A, Altitude and Aerobic Response

Training at altitude is a key practise for any elite endurance athlete. Research has shown that your HIF1A genotype can affect how well you respond to exercising in levels of limited oxygen. Discover the physiological benefits of altitude training, and which gene variation responds to it best in this science blog.


Meet Harold Tackie, one of the latest additions to the FitnessGenes Affiliate Program. Harold had his DNA tested by some time ago, and he will be working with the FitnessGenes training team, to ensure his clients can benefit from the insight we provide, and help them to achieve their personal best.


Meet Preston Wood – Coach, athlete, performance specialist, founder of, and frequent blogger of all things fitness, nutrition and mind. After taking the FitnessGenes DNA Analysis test to benefit his own training, Preston is now working with his clients DNA to help them become genetically upgraded too.

Featured Gene: AMPD1

Of all the genes we test for at FitnessGenes, there are a handful of variations that are extremely rare. One of these is the AA variation of AMPD1 – a gene associated with energy production. So what role does AMPD1 play? Are there benefits to being AA? And most importantly, are you part of the 1%?


One of the most thoroughly researched genes to date, ACTN3 encodes for the protein α-actinin-3. This protein has been linked to greater baseline strength, protection against muscle damage and a higher proportion of fast twitch muscle fibres. However, not all variations of the ACTN3 gene can produce functional α-actinin-3. Discover which variations can, and which variations cannot, as well as its effect on athletic performance in this blog post.


Meet Barbara Benko, international cross-country mountain biker, Olympian, and FitnessGenes client. Barbara and her coaching team have been working with her DNA to refine her training, as she looks to climb the international places.


Having worked at global fitness publications for over 15 years, Martin could be forgiven for thinking that he knew it all. However, even with his experience in the fitness industry, his FitnessGenes results provided plenty of lightbulb moments. In this blog, Martin highlights five things his DNA Analysis Test taught him, and how it's helped him optimize his training.


FitnessGenes Scientific Research Dr Pleuni Hooijman completed the Maastricht Ironman last week with a time of 10:10:24, finishing as the fastest amateur female in the process. Hear the details of her race, and her own account of events, here.

FitnessGenes Testing Process Decoded: Part I

Have you ever wondered how FitnessGenes can take one saliva sample, and produce over 40+ gene reports, as well as actionable recommendations? In this blog post, the science team open our laboratory's doors, and reveal your DNA's journey through our thorough testing process. Part I of II.

FitnessGenes Testing Process Decoded: Part II

In part II of decoding the FitnessGenes testing process, Helena Pickford describes all of the factors our science team consider when creating your personalised recommendations. It's much more than just DNA!


The FitnessGenes team have expanded into a second UK based office, as we make the move to central London.


Dutch Olympic Rower and Finalist in the Men's Coxless Four in Rio 2016 has taken a FitnessGenes test and says this about the information provided in his Action Blueprint: "When you get confirmation and have the knowledge, you can make better decisions. At the highest level, it’s all about making the right decisions, and knowing where you can find the gains. For me, because I’m smaller than the other guys, I need to work smarter and more efficiently, so the FitnessGenes test tells me exactly where to focus to make better decisions".


FitnessGenes is pleased to announce its North American partnership with leading fitness superstore InboxFitness. InboxFitness is an incredible website for those of us interested in health and fitness, weight training, healthy eating, and sports nutrition. They have thousands of products from all of the top brands and the best prices.

Quantified Self

The rise of fitness apps and wearables has allowed us to easily quantify our performance and progress. But what does the term 'Quantified Self' really mean? Hear how FitnessGenes are combining this data with your DNA results to further personalize your health and fitness.

Scientific References for Genetic Guide to Food eBook


Each individual decision we make either has a positive or negative impact on how quickly we achieve our goal, or whether we achieve it at all. The mindfulness approach is one way to help you stay on the right track.

Ilian Evtimov

A family that produces one elite athlete is exceptional. A family that produces two elite athletes is exceptionally rare. What do you call a family that produces THREE? FitnessGenes finds out!

Women's Health & Fitness, Australia

Here is the full and fascinating transcript of the interview between Dr Dan and Women’s Health & Fitness journalist Katelyn Swallow. Read on to learn which genes affect fat loss, muscle building, and cardiovascular fitness and how understanding your genetics can improve your physique.

6 Tips For Keeping Your Goals On Track This Year

You've made a commitment to yourself, your friends, and your family that 2017 is the year you are going to get fit and stay healthy, or lose weight, or build muscle, or get lean, or get an enviable beach body. Saying that is easy. Doing it is slightly more difficult, so here's 6 solid tips to get you off to a strong start.

Survey Monkey Thank you T&C

Santa Claus Follows Fat Loss System

The FitnessGenes Team have delivered our first Genetic Fat Loss System to the North Pole! Watch our Christmas video to discover who it was to. We also reveal his DNA results, and the recommendations we made to get in shape for next year's delivery.

SMART Goal Setting for New Year’s Resolutions

NOW is the time to start being SMART and SMART-ER about your fitness goals. Here’s how FitnessGenes can help

The BBC Is Wrong About Middle Aged People With Diet And Exercise

On the 28th of December the BBC posted a report with the title 'Middle age health crisis' warning. Based on the research the BBC is quoting, FitnessGenes CEO Dr. Dan Reardon feels this is simply scaremongering, and here's why...

Savings, Longevity, and the Year in Fitness

Would you like to be healthier, wealthier, and wiser in 2017 and beyond? If so, please read on because we have an excellent summary of the year's best research. It will only take you 5 minutes to read, and there's no complicated science to decipher!

Chickpea & Tofu Curry

Looking for new ways to include the health benefits of Chickpeas in your diet? Try this delicious Chickpea and Tofu recipe for a vegetarian friendly curry without compromising on your protein intake.

Eliminate Repetitive Dietary Failures With Technology And Personalization

It is far more motivating to know that you are doing the right thing; and that if you continue doing the right thing you, will get results. Find out how fitness technology can give you the physique you crave...

need help selecting your genetic workout plan

How to beat the fat gene and combat the worldwide obesity epidemic-The Truth Barrel podcast

How to beat the fat gene and combat the obesity epidemic-The Truth Barrel podcast with Dr. Dan Reardon

Weight loss by the numbers

Highlights of an interview with our CEO Dr Dan Reardon on discussing: Why do some people have an easier time losing weight than others?

FitnessGenes Secures $5M Series A Funding

FitnessGenes secures $5M Series A funding and will use investment to build the world’s most personalized fitness and nutrition platform

Caffeine sensitivity, appetite control, Eureka moments, and succeeding on a diet

How Baby Boomers can get fit faster with a personalized program based on their DNA. Learn about caffeine sensitivity, appetite control and succeeding on a diet

What do you have in common with pro athletes and their coaches?

Dr Dan Reardon has consulted for professional sports teams on personalized training and nutrition, body composition, genetics and performance

Lifting the psychological burden of weight loss

Dr Dan Reardon and Canada’s leading fitness specialist, Tony Greco discuss dietary personalization, workout variables, weight loss, psychology and motivation

Thoughts on Losing "It in the Anti-Dieting Age"

"Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age" from the NY Times Magazine is a beautifully written overview of the diet industry. However, it misses one key point: Genetics.

The dawn of a new era for women

The dawn of a new era for women: Whether we call it evolution, transformation, or simply-about time- the last 60 days feel like they will be a time to remember for women.

This week's best customer feedback

To see my DNA results definitively say what I should be doing is truly amazing! No guess work, just pure science! Love it. It's as though a weight has been lifted off me! It's really been that enlightening.

Celebrating successful physique transformations

FitnessGenes is celebrating 4 successful physique transformations from the Women's Health & Fitness challenge. These women are all leaner, more toned and loving showing off their abs and their new physiques!

Krystie's inspiring transformation

After battling anorexia, and coping with 2 babies in rapid succession, we salute Krystie who says: Thank you for featuring my story. Hopefully, it inspires others to overcome their own personal struggles

Delivering precision health and fitness using genomic technologies

Delivering precision health and fitness using genomic technologies. A presentation by Dr. Stuart Grice at the University of Birmingham School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences

Daysha's Weight Loss Success Continues with FitnessGenes!

When Daysha started with FitnessGenes, she was 192 lbs and 50% body fat. She's now down to 171 lbs, looking great, full of energy, and feeling like Wonder Woman!

"The Best Christmas Gift"- A 5* Review From A Very Happy Customer

We're always keen to hear your feedback - we love finding out how customers are getting on with their fitness journeys, it helps us to improve our products and, when we have happy customers, it makes the hard work we do here at FitnessGenes all the more rewarding. This week's review brought a smile to our faces.

FitnessGenes publish new research insights on obesity gene

FitnessGenes paper sheds new light on the link between genes, lifestyle and weight gain

Kinetic Training Partnership

FitnessGenes has partnered with Kinetic Training to offer DNA analysis to their clients. Founded by Daniel Palacios, Kentic Training is based in Sunrise, Florida.

From Bambi to beast with FitnessGenes

FitnessGenes' Alex Auld discusses how understanding his genetics steered him towards endurance events and why he's now in the best shape of his life.

How Ian reduced his body fat by 9% with a 30% increase in calories!

Assisted by his FitnessGenes DNA Analysis, find out how our avid runner Ian reduced his body fat by 9% with a 30% increase in calories!

Understanding your metabolism to create an effective nutrition plan

You often hear metabolic rate referred to as ‘fast’ or ‘slow’, with people wishing they had a ‘faster metabolism’ to help lose weight. At FitnessGenes, we refer to metabolism as being ‘efficient’ or ‘inefficient’, depending on how you convert calories into energy.

Riding with a champion

FitnessGenes interviews New Zealand's premier female mountain biker on genetically tailored nutrition, training, and trusting the process during race preparation

Welcome to the new Member's Area-Video

Dr. Dan Reardon walks us through the new FitnessGenes Member's Area and explains all of its latest features. The new, updated Member's Area is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to read and interpret your gene results and follow your personalized workout and nutrition plans

Overcoming the fat gene with personalized nutrition

Paul is almost 50 and he looks awesome! He built this impressive physique following genetically tailored training and nutrition advice, along with a healthy dose of hard work and dedication.

Now I feel more energized!

Sabrina Neilson followed a diet based on her DNA and found that she had improved energy levels throughout the day

I'm bigger, stronger and faster thanks to FitnessGenes

How understanding my DNA helped increase my lean mass, speed and power and showed me how to increase my calories without getting fat

Choosing the correct training system

Get Fit, Lose Weight, Build Muscle, or Get Lean. How to choose the correct genetically tailored training and nutrition plan to achieve your fitness goal

A Nobel Prize winner, an Olympic athlete, and a FitnessGenes founder

Dr Samantha Decombel, our co-founder and Chief Knowledge Officer, has been named the Alumni of the Year for the University of Birmingham

FitnessGenes Pro launches at IDEA World in San Diego

By joining FitnessGenes Pro, fitness professionals can use our DNA analysis and personal insights to increase client success. The FitnessGenes Pro Education Course is officially recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) for continuing education units (CEUs).

FitnessGenes 20km relay team analyze their results

FitnessGenes 4 x 5km relay team finished 9th out of 437 teams in a charity fundraiser in London's Olympic Stadium. We analyze the team's genetics to find out why they did so well.

FitnessGenes launch partnership with Gold's Gym SoCal

According to Gold's SoCal, the most exciting thing about partnering with FitnessGenes is results. They want their clients to be successful. Knowing client's genetic makeup will enable trainers to design programs to achieve results faster, more efficiently, and make time in the gym more efficient.

Breathe, Move, Recover: FitnessGenes visits XPT

XPT, Extreme Performance Training™, is a high performance lifestyle rooted in the most basic yet powerful human trait: the ability to adapt. XPT's Breathe, Move, Recover curriculum is the embodiment of the founders' accomplishments as elite athletes and entrepreneurs.

DNA Upgrade and Upload Services - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about our DNA Upgrade and Upload Services.

Which Genetic Workout System?

Unsure of what Genetic Workout System is best suited to your needs? Our Genetic Coach, Paul Rose, explains all in this handy guide.

Trait overview: Sex hormones and Visceral Fat

An overview of the Sex hormones and Visceral Fat trait.

Trait overview: Fasting blood glucose

An overview of the Fasting Blood Glucose trait.

DNA analysis questions

Are DNA tests safe, accurate, and reliable? Is my personal data protected? These are important questions to ask before taking a DNA analysis test. Here are our responses to some of the most common questions and concerns.

Navigating truefeed

truefeed is the online platform where FitnessGenes deliver our genetic reports, fitness and health recommendations, and personalized workout plans. Here is our guide to navigating truefeed.

Trait overview: Adrenaline baseline level

The rush of adrenaline is our evolutionary response to perceived danger; our 'fight or flight' hormone. But can we also harness its effects to benefit our exercise performance?

COVID-19: a guide to dealing with stress and anxiety during lockdown

A look at some evidence-based measures to help combat stress and anxiety during lockdown.

Calculating new traits

How FitnessGenes use your data to deliver regular, relevant results and content. An overview of the FitnessGenes research and development process.

Trait overview: Estrogen production

Overview of Estrogen production trait.

Trait overview: Nitric oxide and blood flow

An overview of your Nitric oxide and blood flow trait.

COVID-19: How to make the most of the lockdown

A guide to making the most out of lockdown.

Trait overview: Dopamine Metabolism (COMT)

An overview of your Dopamine Metabolism trait.

Trait overview: Muscle performance (ACTN3)

An overview of the muscle performance (ACTN3) trait.

Trait overview: Cortisol Sensitivity

FitnessGenes joins the fight against COVID-19

An overview of the newly launched FitnessGenes COVID-19 saliva test.

Conduct COVID-19 saliva test

As FitnessGenes launch the UK's first consumer COVID-19 test, here are the four steps to receiving your personal result.

Your Thyroid Function Trait

FitnessGenes are now part of the Test to Release Scheme

FitnessGenes are now part of the Test to Release Scheme

Trait#95: IL-10 and anti-inflammation

Trait#98: Sugar consumption (GLUT2)

Trait#98: Sugar consumption (GLUT2)

Need help choosing a plan?

Use our Plan Advisor to determine which genetically tailored diet and exercise program best fits your needs.

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