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How it works

Member's Area

The Member's Area is where you will find your genetic results and recommendations as well as a host of other benefits.

Privacy and security

We take protection of customer data extremely seriously and employ end-to-end AES encryption to protect customer data.

Genes we analyze

We analyse the genes that have an effect on your body's ability to build muscle, burn fat, and improve performance.

Genes we analyze: ACE

A gene for endurance

Genes we analyze: ACTN3

A gene for speed

Genes we analyze: CYP1A2

A gene for caffeine metabolism

Genes we analyze: FTO

A gene for appetite

Genes we analyze: IL15RA

A gene for muscle volume

Genes we analyze: LCT

A gene for lactose tolerance

Genes we analyze: MSTN

A gene for hypertrophy

Genes we analyze: PGC1A

A gene for aerobic capacity

Genes we analyze: PPARA

A gene for fat burning

Genes we analyze: UCP2

A gene for metabolism

Genes we analyze: HERC2

A gene for eye color

Genes we analyze: ADRB2_1

A gene for adrenaline signalling

Genes we analyze: ADRB2_2

A gene for adrenaline signalling

Genes we analyze: AGT

A gene for blood pressure regulation

Genes we analyze: AKT1

A gene associated with aerobic exercise response

Genes we analyze: AMPD1

A gene for energy production

Genes we analyze: APOA2

A gene for response to saturated fat intake

Genes we analyze: APOA5

A gene for blood triglyceride levels

Genes we analyze: BDKRB2

A gene for vascular function

Genes we analyze: CKM

A gene related to muscle energy

Genes we analyze: CLOCK

A gene affecting sleep cycle

Genes we analyze: CNTF

A gene for nerve activity

Genes we analyze: HIF1A

A gene for response to low oxygen

Genes we analyze: IGF1

A gene for regular growth/development

Genes we analyze: IGF1_2

A gene for regular growth/development

Genes we analyze: IGFBP3

A gene for regulating normal growth/development

Genes we analyze: IL6

A gene for inflammation and recovery

Genes we analyze: IL6R

A gene for regulating IL6 activity

Genes we analyze: MCT1

A gene for fatigue

Genes we analyze: NOS3

A gene for blood flow

Genes we analyze: PPARG

A gene associated with fat and carb processing

Genes we analyze: SHBG1

A gene for testosterone levels

Genes we analyze: SHBG2

A gene for testosterone levels

Genes we analyze: UCP3

A gene for metabolism

Genes we analyze: VDR

A gene for vitamin D processing/activation

Genes we analyze: VEGFA

A gene for blood vessel formation

Genes we analyze: MSTNRARE

A gene for unusual muscle size and strength

Genes we analyze: ACVR1B

A gene for muscle strength

Genes we analyze: MTHFR

A gene for folate metabolism

Genes we analyze: MTR

A gene for homocysteine conversion

Genes we analyze: MTRR

A gene for methionine production

Genes we analyze: MC4R

A gene associated with overeating

Genes we analyze: ALDH2

A gene for alcohol metabolism

Genes we analyze: VDR_Taq

A gene for response to vitamin D

Genes we analyze: NMB

A gene for disinhibited eating

Genes we analyze: MTHFR_SNP2

A gene associated with folate metabolism

Genes we analyze: LPL

A gene associated with HDL cholesterol levels

Genes we analyze: SLC30A8

A gene associated with fasting glucose levels




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Get fit

Start the journey to the new you right now. No wasted time. No guesswork. Get a precise action plan and get results.

Lose weight

If this is the first time you've tried to lose weight, or the 20th time, we analyze your DNA to help change your body.

Get lean

Already going to the gym and now you really want to see results? Get Lean is your recipe for a lean physique.

DNA kit

We analyze more than 40 genes related to your fitness, health, and nutrition needs.

All plans

Build muscle

Unlock your genetic potential. Analyze your DNA to find out what to eat and how to lift for increased size & strength.

Get fit alt

Start the journey to the new you right now. No wasted time. No guesswork. Get a precise action plan and get results.

Get lean alt

Already going to the gym and now you really want to see results? Get Lean is your recipe for a lean physique.

Lose weight alt

If this is the first time you've tried to lose weight, or the 20th time, we analyze your DNA to help change your body.

About us

Company profile

We believe in changing lives for the better, having a positive social impact & driving a connected community.

Social media

Connect with our global community on social media: Ask questions, find recipes, see offers, post pics and more!


No vacancies


Our global team of leading experts in the fitness & nutrition industry includes Genetic Scientists and personal trainers.


Our experienced team of industry professionals expand and complement the knowledge base we have here at FitnessGenes.


Read success stories and testimonials from FitnessGenes customers and find out how genetic testing can change your life.

Our science

Your unique genetic profile will determine your success with any fitness routine or diet plan.


FAQs Ordering and shipping

Find out more about ordering your DNA analysis kit, how long it will take for your pack to arrive and more here.

FAQs Providing your DNA sample

We recommend that you take your sample first thing in the morning, to help avoid contamination by food or drink.

FAQs Emails & contacting us

If you haven’t received an email from us check your spam email folder and add to your safe senders.

FAQs Workout / Training plans

Your genetic results and workout plan are delivered to your secure online account and are updated as research develops.

FAQs Your DNA results, traits and truefeed

Our FAQ covers some of the most common queries about DNA and genetic testing for fitness and weightloss.

Contact us

Got questions about our genetic testing kits? Need help choosing a plan? Get in touch with a member of our team today.


Our main offices are in the UK and US. Please contact us in advance if you would like to visit us.

FAQs Nutrition Plans

FAQs Science

FAQs Privacy



Get your tailored genetic workout system for either muscle gains by Scott Herman, or Ashley Kaltwasser's bikini body plan.

Scott Herman

Ashley Kaltwasser

As 3 times Ms. Bikini Olympia champion, Ashley knows how to create a title winning physique.

Scott Herman Workout

Access Scott’s wealth of muscle building secrets and strategies to increase your own muscle volume and strength.


We are very proud to partner with some of the best professionals in the Health and Fitness industry.

Tom Neal

Tom's book “The Hunter Abs Method” is a modernised approach to the paleo diet founded and is published internationally.


Sexyfit focus on helping women with goal setting, overcoming fear, and creating positive self esteem using fitness.


PT ME's exclusive facility bridges the gap between a commercial gym and a personal training studio.

Club High-Rise

Club High-Rise is an all-in-one access point, bringing premier health and wellness services right to your doorstep.

The Athlete Centre

The Athlete Centre believes that everyone should have the opportunity to #TrainLikeAPro.

Tri Swim Coaching

Tri Swim Coaching specialize in freestyle technique correction, endurance swimming, open water & triathlon training.

Harold Tackie

Harold has over 20 years of experience training & competing in both martial arts & boxing.

Bottomline Fitness

Bottom Line Fitness is an exclusive studio in Derby with a team of highly skilled industry regulated personal trainers.

Ru Wikmann

High Flyer Fitness methodology connects the dots between training, nutrition, functional movement and a winning mindset.

Holger Gugg

Holger writes specialised articles about sports nutrition, training & health for Muscle & Fitness and FLEX magazines.

Hall Personal Training

HPT aim is to help members build a healthier body & mind, and a solid foundation of knowledge around exercise & nutrition.

The Training Sphere

The Training Sphere was established out of a passion for health & fitness and a desire to help people improve their lives.

Nutrition Logic

Our philosophy is scientific. Science proves that the 'one size fits all' approach to health is not effective.

Love of Health

London based Love of Health was co-founded by Flavia, a certified health educator, functional chef and speaker.

Amethyst Wellness

Amethyst Wellness assist clients with goal setting, identification of barriers and development of a realistic plan.

James Paulus

James Paulus is an Ambassador and Certified Health Coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Want2goFit is a network of trainers, teachers and health professionals dedicated to personalized fitness services.

Ground Force Strength

James Walsh is a Certified Personal Trainer with a background in Strength & Conditioning (IYCA) & Corrective Exercise.

Drew Derriman

Drew Derriman is an Australian Actor, Model, Male Performer/Dancer, Fitness Expert/Personal Trainer and Karate Black Belt.

The Personal Training Centre

Collaboration with FitnessGenes helps PTC to provide a holistic approach to their client’s healthcare.

Kara Griffin

Kara Griffin is a certified holistic nutritionist, health counselor, personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Quantify Fitness

Quantify Fitness smart-gym we use the latest science and technology to provide the minimum effective dose of exercise.

Fit Ambition

Fit Ambition is a young company helping many people to transform their physiques and give them more confidence.


Nutrily, pronounced nutri-lee, is a nutrition consultancy company that follows a holistic approach.

Jonas Machado

Jonas was the founder and head coach of PCBJJ, where he coached adults and kids in recreational and competitive jiu jitsu.

EnCore Pilates

EnCore Pilates’ Physical Therapist guided health, strength, and wellness programs are tailored with a purpose.

Fix My Nutrition

At FMN all are efforts are directed towards eliminating the guesswork.

Edge Holistic Fitness

Founded in 2006, EDGE Holistic Fitness specializes in personal training and nutrition consulting services.

Sebastien Leria

Leria’s diverse background has led him to create conditioning techniques that deliver incredible results to clients.

The Foundry

Pinnacle Fitness

Pinnacle Fitness is a premier fitness centre which combines the best in exercise prescription & medical fitness training.

Lean Ripped and Healthy

Synergistic Strength & Recovery

Phil Fit

DHW Nutrition & Fitness

Starks Fitness

Out Run Your Fork

Future Fit

Competitive Edge Solutions

Titanium Training

Cycology Lab

Choices Health Clubs


Kinetic Training


Yes Queen

Ward Physiology & Performance

Body Craft Fitness

Aviation Professionals Club

FE Gym

State of Change

Sport Events

FitnessGenes Pro

By using the FitnessGenes DNA Analysis Test with your clients, you can make make each workout as effective as possible.


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Privacy policy

We value the trust you have placed in us and are committed to safeguarding any personal information you give us.


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what is hypertrophy

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Use our Plan Advisor to determine which genetically tailored diet and exercise program best fits your needs.

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