DNA analysis using the latest technology


Your FitnessGenes results unlock your most influential exercise, nutrition and lifestyle genes.

In conjunction with your lifestyle and goal, our industry leading technology reviews more than 700,000 genetic data points to create unrivalled insights and actionable advice, all personalized to you.

We analyze 40+ genes


The genes we analyze all directly impact your response to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

When combined with your lifestyle data, your DNA results provide insights into your personal muscle fibre type, metabolism, aerobic capacity, insulin function, lactic acid clearance, caffeine response, sleep cycle and more.



A Gene for Endurance

Are you built for speed or endurance? Your ACE result will help us identify your dominant muscle fibre type and exercise response so that you can structure your workouts to achieve your best results.



A Gene for Appetite

Do you ever feel as though you are biologically programmed to eat more? This may be due to your FTO gene! By understanding the genes that impact your appetite, we can recommend nutritional strategies to help you control your eating behaviour and weight.

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Nutrition Guide

How the nutrition guide will work for you?

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Workout Plan

What information can I get from my DNA results?

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Need help choosing a plan?

Use our Plan Advisor to determine which genetically tailored diet and exercise program best fits your needs.

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