Creamy Avocado Smoothie

Tuesday, January 8, 2019. Author Florence Samuels

Creamy Avocado Smoothie

Packed with protein, fiber and monounsaturated fat – this smoothie is filling and can help to stabilize blood sugar levels. The monounsaturated fat and fiber in avocados is a combination which has been shown to lower cholesterol levels. Cucumbers supply minerals that are important for skin health, including silicon and magnesium. 

Serves 1



1/4 Avocado

1 Green apple

1/2 Cucumber

200 g Low-fat Greek Yoghurt

1 tsp Ginger

1 cup of ice (optional)



  1. Add all the ingredients (including the ice, if desired) into a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth consistency.
  3. Enjoy immediately or store in a refrigerator. 


Nutritional Profile per serving

Total calories: 339 kcals

Protein: 23 g (27% of total calories)

Fat: 10 g (25% of total calories)

Carbs: 41 g (48% of total calories)

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