Your genes as a starting point

This is where it all starts. We analyze more than 40 genes related to fitness, health, and nutrition, and combined with your lifestyle survey data, these traits give us a clear view on how your body responds to diet and exercise.

DNA Analysis

Your analysis details how you are genetically programmed and is updated periodically as the science evolves.

Workout blueprint

You get clear, precise, actionable guidance for effective training and recovery strategies based on your DNA and lifestyle data.

Nutrition blueprint

You’ll learn the best types of nutritional supplements and foods for your genotype, your optimal macronutrient ratios and caloric loads.

Member's Area

Your secure, personalized page in our Member's Area contains a wealth of actionable information.

Member's Area

All members have access to

  • Workout Action Blueprint
  • Nutrition Action Blueprint
  • Nutrition Calculator based on your goal
  • FitnessGenes eBooks
  • Exercise library
  • Glossary
  • Ongoing gene and scientific updates

Upgrade to a Genetic
Workout System

Take the next step and choose one of our Genetic Workout Systems.

Get Fit

Includes DNA Analysis Kit

Get fit and stay healthy with our genetically tailored home workout system. A great place for newcomers to start or for those looking for the most efficient way to keep fit.

from $229

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Lose Weight

Includes DNA Analysis Kit

Healthy and sustainable weight loss from genetically tailored diet & exercise. This system boosts your metabolism, changes your body composition & reshapes your physique.

from $229

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Get Lean

Includes DNA Analysis Kit

Get ripped. Get lean. Get noticed. Unlock the genetic code to your 6-pack or bikini body with our high intensity, muscle defining, fat shredding system.

from $259

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Build Muscle

Includes DNA Analysis Kit

Head spinning muscle and genetically optimized size via periodized workouts, tailored diet & supplementation, and enhanced recovery mechanisms personalized for your DNA.

from $289

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Before and After

Ashley gets abs in 8 weeks

Since taking the FitnessGenes test and adjusting my training and nutrition accordingly, I’ve managed to get in the best shape of my life.

FitnessGenes gave him knowledge

I now understand how my body works and what I need to do to achieve my goals without any guesswork!

Ashley Pizan

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Use our Plan Advisor to determine which genetically tailored diet and exercise program best fits your needs.

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